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my dehumidifier was recalled.I sent in all the paperwork that they asked for (cut cord, att.

labels etc.) on 9/20/13. I called to see if they got my stuff on 10/19/13 and they did but that my date code was wrong. I have copies of all paperwork and it was right. I called back but nothing has been done.

Long story short they keep saying someone is putting the info into the computer wrong so that every time it starts the 6 week waiting period over and over. now I have had it with them. I keep getting the run around.

No one there wants to help get my refund and I need it to buy another dehumidifier.They also say someone will call me back but no one does.

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This is some kind of scam they are running.I sent my stuff in to them at the end of June and still have not received the refund check!

I talked to Renee in Customer Service on 9/5 and she said it was in the final stages and I'd get it next week. Well it's been 2 more weeks and I received nothing. Called again and talked to Talia in CS. She said it was mailed in August, (BS), so she would put a stop pay on the check and have some other department that does not take phone calls re-issue and mail another check.

I asked for a manager and she said there isn't one there.This is a bunch of ***!


I think they are using delaying tactics and calling them mistakes.I have yet to get an return address label and it's been 2 months.

I sure will try to avoid buying their products again given this horrible customer service.:(


I have now been on the phone with Gree for 25 minutes.$299.00 coming to me in a few more weeks even though it was processed on 12/16/13.

Spoke with Yolanda @ the Indianapolis office. She apologized and said it would still be a few more weeks.

I'm in the "last stages" of processing.:cry


What number do you call to reach them? I have no luck getting a live person to answer a phone. I have been waiting eight weeks.

to rp #780279

I just called the main hotline # 1-866-853-2802.

The first person I spoke with was clueless and I had to repeat my information over and over and over and over (not an exaggeration).I finally said ...

look, if you can't find me ... there's a problem. I'd like to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold, came back a few minutes later, asked for my model number and when I objected ...

she said she just wanted to make sure I was in the right ***. Apparently, she is GE only and needed to get me over to Frigidaire! We could have saved 20 minutes if she'd asked for the model initially instead of having me repeat the ID number and my address and phone so many times.



I called looking for my refund and they said I did not send in a piece of the cord.I sent in the cord and paperwork EXACTLY as instructed.

I asked how to we get this resolved. GREE says "we will send you a new envelope to send in another piece of the cord." WHAT?

HOW DO I SEND IN ANOTHER PIECE OF THE CORD IF I HAVE ALREADY DISPOSED OF THE DEHUMIDIFIER?Why would I keep a humidifier for 3 months that has no cord?


I am having the same problem.I retained pictures and copies of all the paperwork I submitted for my recall.

After 10 weeks I called to check the status of my refund and was advised my unit was not elidigible. This is after confirmation from the recall website, confirmation from customer service when calling to ensure I was submitting everything correctly, and after receiving the return paperwork from the company. The customer service rep read the unit date code entered for my recall and I advised, based off of the pictures I retained that they had entered the date code incorrectly. The issue is being "escalated" which I was advised will take "a few more weeks".

Additionally I was advised a refund ( if escalation results in approval) that is significantly less than what I originally paid.

After not being notified that my claim had been denied, I was advised that it was my responsibility to continue to follow up on the issue.In my opinion a complete disregard for their customers and the problems that this recall and lack of customer concern and service has caused.


2,000,000 recals + 46 fires = something like $300,000, you think we are going to get our money back?Bankruptcy, this is where it will end.

I am just curious about the responsability of these companies who sold us the product????Any idea?

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